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Successfully Completed the training on Balanced Score Card for Effective Performance Management

Program Duration : 29th-31st August, 2016
Participants : Senior Managers & Officers form DGPC, RICBL, BOBL, NPPF, BPCL, Kuensel Corporation Ltd and Tashi infocomm Ltd
Venue : IMSL, Thimphu

Every organization functions with certain end-results in mind, however, what matters for progress and effectiveness is its strategic thinking and design. The ‘Balanced Score Card’ approach involves the use of skills and tools that focus on what matters to the organization. It helps organizations focus on strategy and results more acutely, allowing them to keep track of and improve organizational performance by aligning the day-to-day functions with strategy. It also helps to prioritize when the organization is challenged by economic downturn or budget constraints. Considering that many of the organizations in our country are in the process of continuous improvement, with some having just started and some others rethinking their strategic model, IMS Ltd proposes ‘Balanced Score Card’ as an approach highly suitable for all types of organizations seeking to improve their organizational performance management system. It is a recognized ailment that organizations realize their unrecoverable wasted resources at the end, and all they can do is move on with the hope of improvement without an improved system. Organizations with a compact to complete certain tasks in a given period of time, the Balanced Score Card would be a suitable approach to adopt for performance management.


Successfully completed the training on Change management” Navigating smoothly and Enhancing Performance

Program duration :17th -19th August,2016
Participants : senior managers from DrukAir Corporation Limited
Venue : IMSL, Thimphu

‘Change is inevitable; it is invariable. Change happens to all and we cannot escape it. People and organisations that are able to sail with change succeed and are dynamic. organizations must be nimble to thrive in today’s complex marketplace. innovation is more than a buzzword – it’s become a necessity. organizations must constantly change from within to build viable processes and structure that can sustain success. they must also adapt in response to their environments through innovative management
Thus, this program provides a comprehensive overview of what it takes to thrive in an age of innovation and strategy, exploring a variety of topics -understanding change, Dimensions of change, resistance to change and ways to overcome them, Leaders and introversion. Through this program change management can develop structure approaches to change on the organizational, department and individual level.

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A gesture of appreciation from Global Leaders Foundation, New Delhi for initiating a Green Project, 2016. IMSL would like to extend our warm gratitude for this support.