Culture Infused Customer Care: Same service care differently by connecting to customers

Course Date: 17th – 22nd July, 2017
Target Participants: Customer Care Representative / Front line Staff / General Support Staffs & ADMs
Venue: IMSL, Campus, Serbithang. Thimphu


This customer care course is designed to connect your organization to the customers and meet their expectations and create positive impressions so that services are delivered the Bhutanese way. It is inspired by the fundamental values of Ley Judray and Tha Damtshig and the traditional Bhutanese etiquette.


  1. Deliver fine customer care services based on Bhutanese culture
  2. Apply effective communications skills at workplace with Bhutanese flavor
  3. Identify and inculcate the good qualities of an effective customer care representative
  4. Establish customer service standards and promote them at work place.
  5. Exhibit effective interpersonal skills to enhance work performance.
  6. Exhibit the Fundamental Bhutanese values of Ley Judray and Tha Damtshig


  1. Qualities of a good customer care representative
  2. Service Quality dimensions: what are our standards?
  3. Boneless Tongue: communicating the Bhutanese way
  4. Understanding the concepts of Ley Judray and Tha Damtshig
  5. Harmonious way of conducting oneself: the Bhutanese etiquette
  6. Reflections on the Eight Noble steps in the context of customer care
  7. Emotional intelligence
  8. Lessons from the Compassionate Being to deliver effective Customer Care and Service?
  9. Beyond the moment: personal plans for tomorrow


  1. PPT presentation and lecture
  2. Group discussions
  3. Role-play
  4. Management games
  5. Small group work and trainee collaboration
  6. Presentation by participants.


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