LEADERSHIP: Leading to inspire people

Program Title  Leadership & Change Management
Program Duration: 3 Days
Target Participants: Mid Level Managers, General Managers,
HR & Finance Officers & Division Heads
Venue : IMSL, Serbithang – Thimphu


The role of leadership in Bhutanese organizations has evolved over the years. From a traditional managerial and administrative duty, today, their role is multi faceted and numerous. Increasingly, leaders are expected to harbor compelling visions, inspire energies and be able to sustain efforts in manoeuvring change to reach the vision. Such a challenge requires paradigm shift in leadership thinking and actions. This new dimension of their role poses breathtaking challenges of inspiring their team to change, perform and grow. It demands them to resonate within themselves and their team what Ghandhi said: “We must be the change we wish to see in the world”.


Sustainable change begins from the inside and works its way out. This applies to Individuals, organizations, communities and nations.

The vision of high performing individuals and organizations competing in a global marketplace is a common goal that requires progressive concepts, best practices, cutting-edge ideas, models and tools.

LEADERSHIP is the engine that will create, mobilize, nurture and drive the necessary energy towards the goal.

This Training on Leadership for Mid Management is targeted to middle management who have leadership roles and would be increasingly taking up bigger leadership positions.

The training will provide fundamental leadership concepts including tools and approaches through the premise that all meaningful and lasting change begins first on the inside and then works its way out.


Unit 1: Leading Your Self

This module aims to provide the participants with knowledge, personal insight and practical skills which allow them to discover more about themselves, their relations and their values & visions.

Unit 2: Leading Your Team

This module aims to provide the participants with the basic understanding of how to build a successful team, and allow them to develop their confidence as leaders through practicing new skills and different leadership styles in team situations.

Unit 3: Leading Your Organization

This module aims to provide the participants with the basic understanding of how to lead an effective organisation through a shared vision, work plans, performance management and organisational learning.


At the end of the Training program the participants:

  • Will be familiar with the fundamental concepts of leadership and its role in creating, nurturing and achieving common aspirations
  • Acquire best practices, approaches and tools for effective leadership
  • Will be able to critically reflect on leadership experiences and continuously learn from self and other’s experiences

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