Message From CEO

Human resource development in Bhutan had received the due attention since the beginning of the planned economic development in the early 1960s. Significant strides have been taken resulting in the capacity development of the Bhutanese human resources both in the public and the private sector. However, with ever increasing development pace, the need for enhanced capacity of human resources still remains a major challenge.While, every year, thousands of civil servants and employees from private sector take trips abroad for capacity enhancement, the efficacy of foreign training programs have fallen short in the application. Numerous reasons can be attributed to the short fall. Among which are mismatch of the training courses to the local needs, failure to ascertain the credence of the foreign institutions, lack of post training back up support from the foreign institution and the general learning distractions associated with foreign training venues.

MSL is born to bridge this gap. It commits to contextualize all the training programs to the practical local and national needs. It subjects itself to quality control and monitoring by its clients. It assures the relevance of the training courses through learning need assessments.

As Bhutanese we care and we know the country. Many organizations in the government and the private sector continue to support us in our venture to develop the human resource capacity in the country through meaningful capacity development interventions.

IMSL would like to thank you all and look forward to contribute in the development of the country in its own ways through your generous support.

Chief Executive Officer