Research & Consultancy

The faculty/Consultants of IMSL comprise of regular and visiting Trainers and practicing scholars both from within and outside the country. IMSL team has the capacity to design, develop and deliver pragmatic consultancy services and trainings with resultant outcome in the field of social research, Training Needs Analysis, Customer Satisfaction index, Organizational climate survey, Tourism Development, Business Plan Appraisal, entrepreneurship, Market analysis, strategic management, project cycle management, leadership, customer care, Result Based Management, Human resource management, Financial management and other capacity building areas. The entire team earned the accreditation from the diverse client base of having impacted to their conduct in their specific professional areas.

Institute Strengths

  • IMSL has rich experience in coordinating information and data collection
  • IMSL has rich experience in facilitating and conducting numerous consultative workshops
  • IMSL has technical associations with partner institutions in India, Thailand, Nepal, Laos, Philippines and Singapore
  • IMSL can source out expert input as and when required
  • Socio-economic Studies
  • IMSL has a pool of local experts who come in as visiting faculty and advisors
  • IMSL functions as a team and can pull in additional local experts as and when necessary to support the team identified for an assignment
  • IMSL has links with a pool of trained and experienced enumerators and data punchers
  • IMSL has carried out many surveys with sample size of more than 9000 and studies for many important organizations in Bhutan
  • IMSL is equipped with a computer lab to carry out data punching and cleaning

IMSL is primarily engaged in the following Research and consultancy

  • Organization Development
  • Market Research
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Environmental Studies
  • Socio-economic Studies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Visioning Exercise
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Training Needs/Impact Assessment
  • Facilitation and Moderation
  • Development of Performance Appraisals
  • Customer Service Management System
  • Business Promotion
  • Education
  • Translation
  • Design
  • Surveys
  • Baseline studies
  • Data management and analysis
  • Report writing
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Organizational Climate studies

IMSL Clients

IMSL had the opportunities to offer its services to the following government, corporate and private agencies. Some key clients are the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Ministry of Education, National Council and National Assembly of Bhutan, UNICEF, SNV, Royal Bhutan Police, Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators, National Pension and Provident Fund, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Tourism Council of Bhutan, JICA, Gross National Happiness Commission, UNDP, Druk Holdings and Investments and its companies, Save the Children, Druk Green Power Corporation, etc.

Our Experiences

Consultancy undertaken in 2010

Sl. No Client Work
1 UNCTAD and MoEA Consumer Protection Survey
2 TCB Brochure, fliers and website content development
3 ABI Impact study of Electricity Tariff hike on the Industries
4 INICEF Age validation survey of Early Learning Development Standards
5 DHI Customer satisfaction survey for BoB, BTL, BPC, NRDCL and Druk Air
6 RENEW Translation of Mental Health materials
7 City Corporation Editing and design of city docs
8 Save the Child Translation, illustration and design of Leadership docs
9 BICMA Translation of Regulations
10 SNV Manual development for Marketing
11 Ministry of Education Training Needs Assessment Survey for Teachers and Principals
12 Ministry of Economic Affairs Manual development for Marketing

Consultancy undertaken in 2011

Sl. No Client Work
1 Bhutan Media Foundation Training Needs assessment and development of HR master plan
2 SNV Study on production capacity of off-season vegetables in eastern Bhutan
3 UNICEF & MOE Development of Facilitators’ manual on Educating for GNH
4 NCWC & UN Women Age validation survey of Early Learning Development Standards
5 DGPC Organizational Climate Survey
6 Department of Local Governance Mainstreaming Environment, Climate change and poverty

Consultancy undertaken in 2012

Sl. No Client Work
1 National Housing Development Corporation Ltd Corporate Planning and service rules development
2 NHDC Organizational Development exercise
3 SNV Bhutan Cost Benefit Analysis of Non-wood forests products
4 National Commission for Women & Children Survey on women’s participation in local governance
5 Department of Local Governance Environment, Climate change and poverty

Consultancy undertaken in 2013

Sl. No Client Work
1 Department of Cottage and Small Industries, MOEA Enterprise Award system for small and cottage industries
2 Ministry of Education Human resource development plan
3 Save the Children Early child care and development
4 Helvatas Training impact study

Consultancy undertaken in 2014

Sl. No Client Work
1 BDBL Impact study
2 UNICEF Educating for GNH
3 UNDP Youth Gamification for employment
4 DLG GECDP Report writing
5 RENEW Strategic Plan
6 Tarayana Solar Dryer assessment study
7 Save the Children Early Child Care & Development
8 BDB Customer Satisfaction Survey
9 RUB Review of the Financial Management Manual

Consultancy undertaken in 2015

Sl. No Client Work
1 Sabah Bhutan CSS
2 TCB Bhutan Tourism Monitor 2015
3 DGPC Organization Climate Survey
4 BICMA Consulting Services for Assessment of Future Regulator Reforms of Bhutan
5 BICMA Consulting services for Policy and Regulatory interventions on smooth development of e-services
6 MoIC Supply of Equipment & Accessories, installation & commissioning of Druk Research & Education Network
7 Save the Children Impact of ECCD Center program on school Readiness of children – A Case Study
8 RBP Review existing PYPP/POSYPP curriculum and developing training manual
9 CoRRB, RGoB Review SAP in the schools identified by CoRRB
10 BICMA Assessment of future Regulatory Reforms of Bhutan
11 G2C Development of advocacy materials (brochures, posters and Boards)
12 UNICEF Phase Three VAC study
13 World Bank Vehicle preference survey
12 SNV Faecal sludge management & Costing

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