Successfully completed the training on Change management” Navigating smoothly and Enhancing Performance

Program duration :17th -19th August,2016
Participants : senior managers from DrukAir Corporation Limited
Venue : IMSL, Thimphu

‘Change is inevitable; it is invariable. Change happens to all and we cannot escape it. People and organisations that are able to sail with change succeed and are dynamic. organizations must be nimble to thrive in today’s complex marketplace. innovation is more than a buzzword – it’s become a necessity. organizations must constantly change from within to build viable processes and structure that can sustain success. they must also adapt in response to their environments through innovative management
Thus, this program provides a comprehensive overview of what it takes to thrive in an age of innovation and strategy, exploring a variety of topics -understanding change, Dimensions of change, resistance to change and ways to overcome them, Leaders and introversion. Through this program change management can develop structure approaches to change on the organizational, department and individual level.

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